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The Tom & Jerry cocktail is a classic holiday libation served as a punch.

It's been a long and grueling winter, but the Night King has finally been defeated and with it, comes all the spoils of summer. At Capitol Bar, that means Tuesday Nite Wing Thing.

Starting on Tuesday, May 7, our kitchen partners Distal Provisions will break out the deep...

There are scores of classic cocktails created since the early 1800s that are often accompanied with engaging, almost romantic origin stories.

The Alexander is not one of them.

This creamy, chocolate libation was one of the very first cocktails to be created purely for co...

This Valentine’s Day make plans to stay in the neighborhood. Capitol Bar and kitchen partners Distal Provisions will feature a delectable three-course dinner featuring oysters, roast suckling pig and a traditional Brown Betty dessert. $35/person

On the bar side, we will...

The tiki craze of the 1950s was a very unique moment in America. Soldiers stationed in the Pacific during World War II – who had also seen the horror of war – returned home with some of the island lifestyle still in their heads.

And as anyone who has ever been on an isl...

When most Americans hear the term punch, they likely think of the fruity, sweet non-alcoholic variety served at summer backyard parties. If you were to ask a Colonial settler the same question, they would have a completely different style in mind.

Punch has a long histo...

There are three types of drinks cocktails that have historically included raw egg and an ingredient — sours, flips and nogs. Sours contain egg whites, flips the whole egg and nogs use whole eggs and cream.

Does glassware make the man? It’s always funny to me when I serve a daiquiri or a gimlet to a male guest in a coupe glass and I am met with an odd, awkward silence. This is particularly humorous when a second drink is ordered with a request for a bigger (read: manlier)...

By Kevin Hopper

Before the advent of bottled cocktail mixers, cocktails were made by using fresh fruit juice and real sugar. The simple combination of juice, sugar and spirit is really as simple and easy as it gets.

Or is it?

You can go to the Kwik-E-Mart and get a margar...

By Kevin Hopper

What is the taste of summer? Watermelon? Corn on the cob? Barbecue ribs? Ice cream? For me, it’s a classic and easy-to-make gin and tonic. That, along with the smell of fresh-cut grass and feet in the pool, are all telltale signs that summer is in full s...

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Tom & Jerry: traditional holiday cheer in a cup

December 8, 2019

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